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About: - Ben Blackmore

During the past 9 years I have concentrated on and developed a great deal of knowledge and technical expertise in the Microsoft Windows environment, ranging from Windows 2000/XP workstation, to Windows 2000/2003 server, and Active Directory.

I have developed in-house software deployment, ranging from application packaging using ORCA, Install2Go, Advanced Installer and many of the associated utilities (RegMon, FileMon, etc), and delivering those packages across a LAN, to entire Operating System imaging & deployment using Remote Installation Services (RIS) and Windows Deployment Services (WDS).

I have also focused on gaining knowledge in the TCP/IP network infrastructre, having supported all TCP/IP services, including DNS, DHCP, routing & subnetting.

I have the ability to work under pressure, and have a vast experience with on the spot troubleshooting and have good customer facing skills, having supported many different types of users, including telephone based end user support.

I have been responsible for the implimentation and mantaining of a company wide Knowledge base; writing technical standards & best practice documentation.

I wish to continue my work in this area, and expand it to other Operating Systems, including Unix & Linux. And continue to evolve my team leadership and management skills.

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