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Latest News
January 2023
Turns out I haven't been as active as I wanted updating my website, seeing as it's been 14 years since I last updated. Most updates are now on Facebook, Instagram or other Social media.
Anyway, website needs a complete revamp, so hoping that won't take naother 14 years.

Thought For Today
My thought for today is: - A toast to bread, for without bread, there could be no toast.

Knowledge Base
Below are some links to some useful information that I've come across over the years. Hopefully the number of links will continue to grow.
Slipstreaming Service Packs into Windows 2000
Removing Spyware
Securing Your PC
Finding Hardware Drivers
Renaming Multiple Files
Explanations of Event Log Errors
Help Stop Spam
Excellent Site For Scripting
More Useful Links....

stop spam

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